I’m planning a party. How do I make sure that I have the right variety and amount of beverages?

When planning a party, there are a few things you should know to help plan your beverage needs: What is the duration of your party? How many people will be in attendance? Do you plan to server beer and wine only, or would you like to serve cocktails as well? Once you know these simple things, Holiday can get your bar ready to go. Simply email the information above to partyplanner@holidaywinespirits.com along with the date of your party and we’ll email you back with a shopping list – or, to make things absolutely easy for you, you can place an order with us via email and we’ll have it waiting for you.

Is it true that many of the restaurants along Buford Highway don’t have liquor licenses, but will allow patrons bring their own beverages?

It depends on the restaurant. It’s true that many restaurants who do not have permission to serve alcohol to you will allow you to bring your own alcoholic beverages. However, the only way to know for sure if your destination permits “brown bag” beverages, is to call ahead. Once you know, stop by Holiday on the way. We can help you find the perfect complement to your meal. We are one of the few stores that carry a large selection of Chinese liquors as well as an assortment of wines chosen specifically for their excellent pairing with spicy foods.

I found a wine I like, but it seems you’ve stopped carrying it. Why?

As a small store, our goal is to offer the best values. With wines, value is constantly changing as vintages change. We watch wine ratings and scores to stay in step with the best wines at any given time. As such, we do rotate wines through our selection, but we find that part of the pleasure of wine comes with trying new things. If there’s a wine you particularly enjoy and you can’t find it at Holiday, we’ll happily special order it for you.

Can you special order items for me?

Absolutely. Any beverage that can be sold in Georgia can be ordered for you. Please contact orders@holidaywinespirits.com to request a special order.

When it comes to wine, do you get what you pay for?

No. Wine that is expensive isn’t necessarily better. Often times, highly regarded vineyards will produce excess juice at harvest time. They turn around and sell the surplus juice to other winemakers for use in their vintages. The result is two very similar products sold under different labels and at very different prices.  At Holiday, we sample wines, scour wine reviews, and consult with experts to bring you the highest rated and best tasting wines offered at the best price. We post ratings throughout the store to help navigate the selection and de-mystify the world of wine. 

What is the best way to store different types beer and wine?

Generally speaking, wines are best stored at 55 degrees and in low-light and low-humidity conditions. Keeping bottles on their side will help retain moisture in the cork. Beer is best stored in a similar climate. A few beers are actually “bottle conditioned” and should remain in the bottle for a period of time.

What’s the difference between all the grades of liquor?  

Without tasting them, it can often be difficult to know the difference between liquors. Here are a few tips for recognizing quality liquors: 

Rums for example are often distinguished by their color. A darker color indicates a longer barrel time, though some major brands will add color to their rums to enhance their color. A true barrel-color will not fade while color-enhanced rums will fade when exposed to extended periods of sunlight.

Color is equally indicative of good tequila. Silver tequila is so called for its “just out of the still” quality. While Reposado tequilas are so named for their period of rest during which their flavor and color becomes more rich.

Other times, alcohol content is a sure sign of quality. Bourbon for instance increases in proof and flavor as it ferments. The higher the proof, the more vanilla, cherry, and wood flavors you are likely to taste.